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Tash's Fashion Fri-Yay! 08

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

This week's outfit inspiration is how to get the boho-chic style right. I love boho as it challenges style norms and I love that. However, because boundaries are few and far between with this style, one can get a little overexcited and end up looking like your stereotypical image of an old school tarot card reader. (I am actually studying tarot myself, so no offence meant - sometimes you've got to lean on stereotypes to get an image across. Soz.) Click below for a refresher on this week's outfit. Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel folks!

01 Beaulah Maxi Skirt by Caslazur

I love me some Cassie Snelgar (yeah you know it you little saucy minx of joy!) I also absolutely adore her Caslazur brand of clothes, love, love, love, love and love. This girl has an eye for style, so keep up with her amazing ranges on her website:

Speaking of amaze-tits, THIS skirt, all 100% silk of its gloriousness, is exquisite! Made in India, this skirt will look great on most shapes and sizes due to having vertical stripes which make you look taller and slimmer. The colour palette is just beautiful and perfect for a boho-chic look as it's elegant too.

02 It Must V Love Plunging Tie Bodysuit by Nasty Gal

I don't know who Nasty Gal's copywriters are, but they're great! So is this bodysuit, which is a great versatile piece to have in your wardrobe. Not only will it look great with this outfit, but you can wear with a pair of highrise jeans or under an off the shoulder top or crop sweatshirt.

It's sexy and perfect for those girls that like showing off a bit of skin.

03 Medusa Head Pool Slides by Versace

Sweet lord are these gorgeous and fun! These are a perfect example of stylish OTT, but no doubt you'd have to be brave to wear these puppies as these are style confidence in a slide on.

04 Rock Macrame Clutch by Zadig&Voltaire

One of my favourite brands, this boho clutch embellished with long fringing and two detachable chains that can be worn over the shoulder or across your body, is the perfect accessory for any boho style outfit.

05 Chesire Drop-brim Trilby by Lock & Co. Hatters

Made from white peachbloom felt, this drop-brim hat is all awesomeness and style! Lock & Co. Hatters is the world's oldest hat shop and is located on London's, 6 St James's Street. Delicious.

06 Yellow Necklace by IKKS

Another brand favourite of mine, there used to be a shop in Hyde Park, but it closed down much to my dismay. This long double row of yellow beads with silk thread tassel detail is the perfect necklace for this boho-chic outfit. The yellow against the black bodysuit will also look amazing. Yummy.

07 Tibetan Handmade Knots Lucky Rope Bracelet by Kundalinispirit

These bracelets are handmade by Tibetan Buddhists, as each knot is tied, the Buddhist recites mantras so that the when wearing the bracelet it will attract happiness and all things good. When I moved to Cape Town, one of my best friend's Chloe bought one of these for me and I swear it protected me and helped me through a very difficult time. The ones shown in the picture are the same model as worn by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Mwah x

You. Looked after.

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The best song playing on Spotify, whilst writing this blog: Change Your Mind, by Tori Kelly.


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