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Foundations of Happy Skin / An Introduction | The Art of Skincare

Updated: May 9

To give this blog more context, please click here to read about my new web and blog series, THE ART OF SKINCARE – all you need to know to love and look after your skin. You can also watch my video, just click here.

FOUNDATIONS OF HAPPY SKIN is the first season, the other three seasons will be:




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My first season, FOUNDATIONS OF HAPPY SKIN will be covering key factors that play important roles in having happy and healthy skin. The topics I’ll be covering in my blog and on my YouTube web series for this season are:

What are the foundations of happy skin









I’ll be explaining how each of the above works to help your skin and give you advice on how to improve your skin’s health based on all of the topics above. I go into a little more detail on each in my video, so have a watch for more info:

In my 'A is for Acne' blog, I explain how your skin works, so I recommend reading that. Click here.

Below, I’ve included a little table summarizing your skin’s friends and foes:

Skin friends and foes

In this week's episode, I've included a...

Style check-in

Part of my business is being a stylist and this week I wanted to include one of my favourite jackets that resides in my wardrobe.

Embroidered Smoking Jacket Collaboration L'mad x Guillotine

I spotted this amazingness on the Instagram page of one of my absolute best stores, Guillotine. It just so happened that one of my most special friends' husbands designed the embroidery on this piece of art and collaborated with Guillotine's owner and creator, Lisa Jaffe. Lucy gave it to me as a gift (love you!!!). For more info on this jacket and how versatile this style is for all figure types, watch my video.

Available at Guillotine, 44 Stanley Ave, Johannesburg, South Africa. It is also available to purchase online, click here. They ship internationally.

Follow them on Instagram:

Follow them on Instagram: @lmadcollection

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You. Looked after.

Disclaimer: This blog is only intended for informational purposes. Any information associated with this blog should not be considered a substitute for prescriptions suggested by beauty, diet, and healthcare professionals. Readers are subject to use this information at your own risk. Tash Fromberg does not take any responsibility for any harm, side effects, illness, or health or skin care problems caused by this content or anything related. Please always remember that products that work for me may not work for you. Always test them on a small area of skin before buying or using it if unsure.

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