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Client Testimonials

Hear It from Them

Thank you Natasha.

What an invigorating experience! Time well spent getting advice on a no mess no fuss skin regime. Healthy, easy to use and inexpensive.

And that’s not all folks!  This girl knows style and fashion. Comes so naturally to her. Picked out a really beautiful blouse for me. Right size, right style and colour. Just like that.

Left feeling inspired and refreshed.

You will definitely be seeing me again Natasha. Bravo!

Karen Naven

Tash was wonderful in helping me select key outfits for a cocktail dinner as well as a ball. She was able to select outfits that suited my body and made me feel wonderful. I really enjoyed the experience and will recommend her any day!

Helga Stegmann, Owner of Mantaray

Tash put so much time, thought and effort into personalising my skin regime. My skin has been softer, smoother and brighter since. She is passionate and the service and experience are only better for this.

Siobhan Redford

Tash took a look at my skin and analysed my beauty routine. She made a few suggestions for slight upgrades as well as absolute 360 degree changes (including clothing for my holiday), and then took me shopping. We spent the day together trying a variety of things until we were both happy. Not only did I get the benefit of a personal shopper, but I also received an improved beauty routine that was neither fussy, nor long-winded. And, most importantly, it met with my budget. With some high-end bits and bobs, complimented by equally effective more cost effective products, I was set for my new day-to-day skin routine as well as geared for my upcoming holiday abroad.

Leanne Rencken

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