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Tash's Fashion Fri-Yay! 07

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

So this outfit is bold, bright and you will look and feel hot AF! Click on the video below to see this week's outfit inspiration.

#1 Moseley Jumpsuit in Blue by Leigh Schubert

Because I am short and hold my weight around my waist (apple shape), I look ridiculous in full-length jumpsuits. In fact in the past, if I've had a bad day and need a laugh, I would go and try on jumpsuits just to have a giggle at myself. However, saying that, I could even pull off this jumpsuit due to its specific silhouette and style. The ruffle detailing on the top is flattering because it will disguise a tummy and the silhouette will change the appearance of an apple shape by creating some hot hip action on the sides. The monochromatic blue of this jumpsuit is also particularly flattering. Quite frankly, this piece is absolutely stunning! If you've got long legs, definitely invest in a jumpsuit.

#2 Kimono by Fabiana Hoy

So I just love this girl and love her amazing range of 100% cotton block wax print African fabrics that she uses to make her incredible kimonos. I featured another pattern in one of my Wish List Wednesday blogs, so you can read more about her and her kimonos by clicking here.

I love the colours and print to match the jumpsuit. The silhouette of the kimono is exquisite and the colours and pattern work seamlessly with the navy blue jumpsuit. You will definitely turn a head or fifty wearing this gorgeous piece.

If you're interested in purchasing one of these gems contact for more details and prices.

#3 Galativi 85 Neon Suede & Mesh Pumps by Christian Louboutin

Okay, 'hot' is the exact word to describe these delicious heels, with the signature red leather sole and hot pick suede and semi-transparent make-up, these puppies are hot to trot! I love the shocking pink in combo with the blue of the jumpsuit and the colours in the kimono. You could also strap on some yellow or orange heels.

#4 Square bag by Louis Vuitton

Square bags are making a comeback from the popular 2018 trend. The brown hues work exceptionally well with the colour palette of this outfit. Mix and matching prints are also big at the moment so the signature Louis Vuitton print is perfect!

#5 Pearl Necklace by Christian Dior

So a century later, we're back at the twenties. And what better way to celebrate, than to Gatsby-fy your outfit. We have all moved past the association of pearls with being hoity-toity and stuck up. They are investment pieces and are feminine and in fact pretty trendy. I love how a set of pearls just finishes off this incredible outfit so well and adds a touch of class and surprise to this look. If you don't own real pearls, costume jewellery pearls will also look great.

So there you have it fashionistas, hope you're feeling inspired? If you like this outfit, don't forget to check out my other ones on my blog.

Mwah x

You. Looked after.

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The best song playing on Spotify, whilst writing this blog: Can't Keep My Hands To Myself, by Jessica Basila.


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