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So this week's outfit has been inspired by the overseas bike shorts trend and I've been in two minds about if I like it or not. I'm very cautious about recommending fad trends primarily because you need to shop for your wardrobe cleverly and fad trends normally mean that the outfit or items have a shelf life and that is not clever shopping in my eyes. HOWEVER, in regards to this one, when it's over you can revert your cycling shorts back to their original intended purpose which is for the gym, cycling etc. And that brings me to this week's outfit, which I just love (obvs I'm biased). It's a great mix and match of styles which makes it original and will definitely get you noticed. Here's a little refresher...

#1 Longline Poplin Shirt in White by NEW LOOK

So essentially this is your classic white button-down shirt, but with more swag. It's 100% cotton, so perfect for an overcast summer's day or a cooler summer's evening. The longer cuffs along with the slight pleat on the shirt make this top feminine, bold and chic and the crew neck gives it a very sophisticated edge that will accentuate your face and shoulders. Perfect for any boss-girl! What is also particularly useful is that it is long enough to cover any potential camel toe dramas that may occur when wearing cycling shorts.

This top will also go with a lot of other pants in your wardrobe, such as a pair of jeans or leggings. You could even put a slightly longer slip dress underneath.

#2 Casual everyday bike shorts by Adidas

Now hilariously the image I've used is actually from the kid's range, but it was the best picture and is available for adults. The point I'm trying to make is that you could choose a pair of plain black bike shorts too but I love the added detail on the side that gives this look a little bit more dimension. Also, it just so happens that stripes on the sides of pants make your legs appear longer (even on shorts).

#3 Suedette Block Heel Court Shoes by Woolworths

For this outfit, I've gone with a simple, yet strong block heel shoe to give a more elegant edge to this look.

#4 Black Ribbon Necklace

Because of the simple crew neck, this outfit does not demand much in terms of jewellery. You can skip the necklace altogether and just wear earrings, but I love this simple take of a choker that I came up with during one of my insomnia bouts. All you have to do is buy a metre length of black ribbon (up to you the width, the one I have used is 17mm). If you have a wide neck, then avoid a choker.

#5 CZ Vintage Style Black Stone Baguette Ring by Thomas Sabo

I wouldn't recommend going heavy on the jewellery on your wrists, so avoid a chunky watch or bracelet. The long cuffs are statement enough and will make the outfit look messy and not in a good way. I would just wear a simple ring. Thomas Sabo is one of my favourite designers and this 925 Sterling Silver ring with Zirconia Black stones is just gorgeous.

#6 Black Sequin Moon Bag from YDE

What?! A moon bag I hear you gasp? Well, if worn right, a moon bag can be a gorgeous accessory to many an outfit. The trick is NOT to wear them the traditional way, but rather sling it over your should and under the opposite arm. See an example from one of my favourite sites,

Now, I wanted to use this outfit to showcase how it's not just clothes and accessories that maketh the outfit. Makeup and nails are also key elements to any successful look.

#7 Royal Blue Nails

So there is an age-old theory that one should not combine blue and black. I call a massive 'bullsh*t' to that theory. I think these two colours (depending on the hue of the blue albeit) can look magical together.

Here's an example of how you could paint those darling nails of yours to vamp up this outfit.

#8 Coral Eyeshadow

So before you rush out and buy coral eyeshadow or try to recreate the look on the image I've used exactly, let's just lay out some makeup rules.

Makeup, like your clothing, is an accessory to you. So whilst I think a coral eyeshadow is a great idea for this outfit, more importantly, it needs to match your eye colour and skin tone. So rule #1 is know the range of shades that look good on you and then pick out of those to match to your outfit. A prime example here is a blue eyeshadow would look super cool with this outfit, however, not everyone can pull it off. Conversely, you might be able to rock a bright red on your eyes, but if you're wearing a bright pink dress, the combo will look ridiculous.

Luckily coral is a very versatile and wearable colour and can be flattering for a variety of eye colours, especially brown. It also suits a wide range of skin tones and brings out the warmth of the eyes and adds brightness to the face. Click on the image for details on how to create this look.

Now go be the stunning human you are! Don't forget to subscribe to get notifications and comment. I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts.

Mwah x

You. All Sorted.

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