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#17 Wish List Wednesday | What to buy this week?

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

It's back! Soz-a-rama (meaning = MASSIVE apologies), but I have been dedicating most of my time to my incredible natural, homemade skincare product ranges. If you haven't checked out my skincare ranges yet, have a look here. You can now order online, yay!

Moving onto this week's #Wishlist Wednesday, including three items, that as a personal shopper, I think you've gotta have. I hope you are all okay during this chaotic year?


No-one is a fan of fine lines and wrinkles and unfortunately, these beasts come with ageing. One of my most amazing friends, Suz, who also happens to be the best dentist in Joburg sells this incredible brand at her practice. Not only does this product get rid of wrinkles (literally in front of your very own eyes), but it also reshapes and optimises your body's composition when combined with an exercise routine. It contains bioactive collagen peptides, targeted for increasing lean body mass and decreasing fat mass. These special peptides are concentrated, soluble, highly bioavailable and clinically verified for optimising body toning by stimulating the collagen matrix of the muscles. I also noticed a massive difference in feeling healthier. I stopped taking it for a month and I felt a big drop in energy and my insomnia got a lot worse.

Where to buy >>

Available at the best dentist in Joburg - Dr Suzanne van der Linden OR online

Prices* >>

R750 to R825 (depending on outlet).

02 BOOBIE MUG available @

@ The Domestic Dolls...THANK YOU...this is hysterical you crazy ladies. F*cking love it! This year has been so shitty and you know what we need? Coffee and a laugh. Thanks to The Domestic Dolls, here it is, all in one. Absolutely brilliant.

Where to buy >>

Price* >>

Currently on sale at R157.50

03 RUFFLE MASK / BLACK by Kat van Duinen

This mask is EVERYTHING! Kat van Duinen, I do not know you, but after viewing your entire shop I have never wanted to be friends with someone more, what an epic fashion genius.

In case you cannot see the genius behind this women's mask designs...let me talk you through it.

  1. The secret weapon to successful design is that the aesthetic matches the functionality of the design. Now, of course, Kat did not design a killer virus, BUT she resurrected an opportunity to stand out in a crowd and be noticed by this design.

  2. AND more importantly, has done a service by beautifully designing a mask that someone would wear when going out and NEVER want to take off (no matter how much airgasm one needs) because you know you look too fabulous.

All you need is a monochromatic outfit (any colour) and this mask and you are set to turn heads.

Where to buy >>


Price* >>


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Mwah x

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