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Zit Zapper | Toner, made by Tash

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Before I get into this incredible toner, let's have a little discussion about the reason for using one. I say this with great sadness, most of my friends and family do not use toner (tears). Toner is one of the most misunderstood products in a skincare regime. A facial toner is the in-between skincare step, you use it before your serum (also to be discussed in tomorrows blog) and after cleansing or doing a mask. A toner is a quick-absorbing liquid that preps your skin for moisturisers and serums while removing excess dirt, traces of oil and makeup. It also helps to balance the pH of your skin and helps control breakouts. Toners nowadays are far more advanced and are formulated to treat specific conditions, previously they were high in alcohol content and used to dry out your skin.

Aimed towards adults that get those pesky pimples, blackheads or whiteheads. For more info on why we get pimples and acne when we're older, please watch my video below. Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Alternatively, you can have a little read here.

This toner prevents breakouts and minimises blemishes. It works by restoring the proper pH levels to your skin. It prevents your skin from becoming too oily or too dry by balancing the production of sebum. It also removes dead skin cells to reveal a healthier complexion. I use this toner twice a week for its exfoliating properties (watch the video above to understand why I don't use exfoliating scrubs on my face). You must ONLY use this at night because it contains organic acids, so it needs to work overnight and you should not be going anywhere near the sun after applying this toner. This toner is a natural alternative to all those skin peels you people go for but is far more gentle on the skin and still effective.

List of ingredients >>

  • Rose Water

  • Raw Unfiltered Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Benefits >>


  • Anti-ageing & rich in vitamin C.

  • Anti-inflammatory & antibacterial properties help reduce skin redness, prevent additional swelling & soothe the discomfort of acne.

  • Helps maintain the skin's pH balance.

  • Controls excess oil & helps to heal scars, cuts & wounds.

  • Aids in removing oil & dirt accumulated in clogged pores.

  • The antioxidant properties help to strengthen skin cells & regenerate skin tissues.


  • Antibacterial & contains acetic, citric, lactic & succinic acid, all of which have been shown to kill P. acnes.

  • All-natural astringent & works by restoring the correct pH levels to your skin.

  • Prevents your skin from becoming too oily or too dry by balancing the production of sebum.

  • Contains organic acids which remove the damaged, outer layers of the skin & promote regeneration.

  • P. acnes, otherwise known as Propionibacterium acnes, turn sebum into fatty acids that activate inflammation in nearby skin cells. For a more in-depth of this process, read this great article.

Raw Organic Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar contains the acetic acid, known as The Mother. It is this acid that helps balance your skin's pH and makes it antimicrobial. Using filtered ACV will not have benefits for your skin.

How to use >>

  1. Shake before use.

  2. Decant onto a cotton wool pad.

  3. Apply to dry skin after cleansing or doing a face mask.

  4. Rub onto your face, neck & chest.

  5. Use at night ONLY.

  6. ONLY use 3 to 4 times a week.

  7. Follow with your serum.


Refer a friend discount >>

For every friend you refer that makes a purchase, you will get an additional 5% off your next order.

Rewards >>

When you join, you'll EARN 5 points for every R1 spent shopping at The more money you spend, the more money you bank to use for future purchases. 100 points = R1.

Availability >>

My ZIT ZAPPER TONER is available nationally & globally. For worldwide shipping, please email

How to order >>

Order online.

Delivery is free up to 15km (from my abode to where you want it delivered) and only for orders over R150. An additional fee will be charged any distance more than 15km (I will let you know the amount before delivering).

Price >>

Zit Zapper Toner 100ml = R100

Zit Zapper Toner REFILL (100ml) = R90


Payments >>

Online, cash and EFT.

Mwah x

You. Looked after.

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As with all new products that you are going to begin using on your skin, always try a small area first to see if any allergic reactions or breakouts occur. If you have any problems, discontinue use immediately. All of my products are for external use only.

If you are pregnant, please contact your physician before using any of our products - especially the ones with essential oils.

All of my Zit Zapper products have been tested for months before they are added to my product line.

I cannot guarantee actual results on any of my products, as everyone's DNA is different - nor do I claim that any of my products have been FDA approved. These are homemade products using all-natural products as noted in the "ingredient listing" under each product sold.  Product claims and descriptions are based on research (by outside parties, internet research, etc) on all of the ingredients in my products with a complete breakdown. If you have any questions about a product, please ask before purchasing. Remember - I am NOT a physician and can only offer personal advice from my years of experience. It is up to you to use your personal discretion when purchasing and using products from me.

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