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Thoughts of a Fromberg Prologue

Over the last couple of weeks, I once again find myself spending restless nights plagued by the glory hole that is insomnia, so I have decided to better spend my time rather than tossing and turning and instead have one of my self-chats upon a piece of electronic paper. Timing extraodinaire you two gems, Gareth McCutcheon and Karen Naven - I have actually been writing. This may be a good time to warn you to brace yourself whilst you take a leisurely stroll through the following novellas, Tash’s mind is a strange little place be – so godspeed!

The following posts are going to give a candid view of what it is to be in your 30s, or from my point of view at least. I have a breadth of ages among my friends, so some of you may read these and look (un)fondly back at memories. For others, you’ll know what I’m talking about and the rest…yay…such wondrous times ahead-ish!

So enjoy my self-portrayal of being a 35 midget equipped with grey hair (au natural), in-between jobs and the heaviest I’ve ever been, yet bizarrely at peace with my current ‘situation de vie’.

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