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Thoughts of a Fromberg - #2 MLC worth mentioning

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

These MLCs will not appear in any form of chronological order BTW...

This little gem of an MLC was great as I got to reconnect with my creative side. I used to play the saxophone when I was at high-school and I also loved singing. But this beast of a MLC, I really FELT the need to reconnect with this side of myself...not the worst thing though.

My friend Josie and I started frequenting Cash Converters in Sandton (which we discovered whilst attending an auction...and because we were obviously winning at life). Before our eyes, stood a fully equipped Karaoke ‘studio’ (for those that know me Dan Buckingham, Jenny 'Lodge' Hemsley, Natalie Warne, Paul Bidgway, you can imagine the female jizz factor involved). We reigned ourselves in and I bought a guitar (if that’s reigning oneself in) and then a couple weeks later got myself a keyboard. I sucked at both, lack of patience basically and a few months later gave the guitar to a car guard and lent the keyboard to a human. But after realising patience still wasn’t my virtue, I started playing with an instrument that was slightly easier, but had suffered years of voice. I found myself phoning my parents to find out when they were going out so I could practice in the garage and even had a fun sesh in a sound studio – attached is one song I covered -

Again, we live and we learn and during this MLC, I became closer with an amazing human Gilad Klinge-Hockman who is now a phenom-tits singer/songwriter with little or no musical background and is self-taught and such a success (seriously check him out, beyond spectacle-tits! - and he gave me the strength to chase my dreams. But there is also nothing wrong with realising and accepting the difference between a dream and a hobby...a hobby can be just as fulfilling and I’m just happy that during my multiple MLCs I found one as fulfilling as this. So thank you Gil and hope more people get to be happy as a successful as you are, you courageous, special friend.

P.S. Not going to playing while I’m posting this is Carly Rae Jepsen - I Really Like You and whilst writing (pre-editing) was Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean? Floored hahahahaha...winning...again!

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