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Thoughts of a Fromberg #1 MLC worth mentioning

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

I had the pleasure of turning 30 whilst living in London and not going to lie…I had the best birthday month (yes, month). Got spoiled rotten, went out lots, but the actual day of my birth (30 days later) is when it got real.

I have the pleasure of having some of the ridiculously hot girl friends, to mention but one is Lara Turk. La-dawg is a professional ballerina, Hot AF and a firm favourite of mine, we also share a love of shopping. So as a bday treat we go to Westfield Stratford and hit the 3 story Forever 21. Two hours later we hit the random champagne bar in the shopping centre and proceed to get a little tipsy…or drunk rather. After having the best afternoon, La proceeds to invite me to come along to a romantic dinner with another favourite human, Ross Smith. I politely decline (only because I know Ross would have killed me - fair enough) and proceed to go home and watch some TV and devour the glorious array of Ferrero Rocher that my roommates (we’ll get to those glorious beast soon) had adorned me with. Whilst indulging, I suddenly found it hard to breathe and the only doctors open over Easter were the Chinese Herbalists down the road, in Dalston. I went for a good bout of Acupuncture and they did a DNA test by snipping a lock of hair to see what I was allergic to. Skip forward a week later, I go to get my test results which are presented on a print-out; red – very allergic, orange – semi-allergic, yellow – you’ll survive. In the middle of the page, in red, is…alcohol. In the middle of the shop I turned around and shouted, ‘I’m in advertising, I can’t be allergic to alcohol, WTF????!!!’ (An aside: we are all allergic to alcohol, so not to panic..actually grab a whiskey and panic). However, that was not the only thing, in fact there was a LIST. So basically my 30th bday present from the powers that be was acquiring allergies….oh yay..and some other treats. Winning!

P.S. Pierre Jourdan Belle Rose is awesome - Chloe Snodgrass you can vouch for that!

P.P.S. Randy Crawford - Overnight...such a twinkle toes song Jaclyn Wistyn

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