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Tash's Fashion Fri-Yay! 06

Happy Valentine's Day everyone and welcome to this week's outfit inspiration. Now you might have expected this week's look to be a date night type outfit, but instead, I have decided to put together a look for all the amazing mums to be. If you haven't already, watch this week's video. I've added a little bit of an intro from my little self to mix it up this week. Enjoy!

So I spend hours (so you don't have to) trawling Pinterest, YouTube, the web and I also keep a watchful eye out for outfits when I'm shopping, to look for my weekly outfit inspirations. And here's a little styling tip. If you don't know what to wear, choose an item, trend, look that you love and then build up from there.

So this week's outfit was inspired by the ever-popular top tying method used to make many a gorgeous maternity outfit. If you are unsure about what I am talking about, here are a couple of examples from Pinterest.

So this week, I'm going to start with the...

#1 Denim Knot Tie Crop Blouse by Qingdao

Qingdao Ltd. is a Chinese fashion wholesaler, so not a big fashion brand, but I've used this picture as it was the best one to get the idea across. If you are looking for advice on how to supe up your wardrobe with the basics, a denim top is one of them. To be honest, I don't have one in my closet, but that's because it's not my personal style. We're all different and that's great. So if you have one already, it most likely is not a crop cut, but don't bother going out to find a different cut. Just take your normal Denim shirt and don't button it up all the way down and then tie it above your baby bump.

The reason why a Denim top is a great investment piece for your wardrobe is that it's not seasonal. You can wear it all year round, just like jeans and also you can wear it in so many different ways, making it a great wardrobe must-have.

Also, women spend so much money buying an entirely new wardrobe when they are pregnant. Taking normal wardrobe basics and utilising them in a different way during your pregnancy is a lot more cost-effective.

#2 Maternity Tie Dye Print Strappy Smock Dress by Boohoo

If any of you are friends with me on Facebook, you would have seen my rant last week about how frustrated I am that in this day and age, when I scroll through online retailers, it is still full of tall skinny models. Tall and skinny is beautiful, but so is having big tits, a full-bodied booty, being short, having a tummy and so forth. is one of the pioneering online retailers that help you shop based on your size AND also features models that are all shapes and sizes. Yay to Boohoo! (sounds a bit contradictory doesn't it, lol?)

This navy blue and white tie-dye smock dress is both pretty and comfy. And is perfect on its own or with a knot tie top when you're pregnant. But let's just have a quick convo about tie-dye for a moment. For all the light walkers/hippies out there that may be getting super excited that tie-dye is back, well it is, but not 90s style tie-dye. Tie-dye can be an awesome print if it is dichromatic, and at a stretch, trichromatic BUT when you start wearing multi-coloured tie-dye it's a no-no. So be careful.

#3 UA Classic Slip-on 138 by Vans

So, I'm going to be honest here, the first draft of this outfit featured a super fun pair of Stan Smith W - active red/white sneakers by Adidas. But as gorgeous as those sneakers are, ain't no mum to be about trying to lean over her 8-month bump and tie some laces. Enter these classic slip-on Vans in tango red. Not only are they comfortable, but they are also easy to slip on and off when your sweaty swollen feet desire. Red sneakers are also a great basic to have in your wardrobe as they can instantly ramp any outfit by injecting some colour and fun, while still looking stylish.

#4 Unisex Fedora Panama Straw Hat available from Takealot

I'm going to continue to exhaust one of my catch-phrases and say that this hat is also an investment piece and for many a reason. One being that it's unisex, so basically a one-for-two deal as your husband or partner can also reap its benefits (unless he or she has a really large head compared to yours or vice versa). Second, is that as much as we wish the sun was our friend, in large doses it is not. If you're pregnant, you can also be more susceptible to skin damage and pigmentation, so where you can incorporate hats into your outfit during the day, do it. This hat is elegant as much as it is fun and practical.

Also, don't be prescriptive and over-style by getting one with a navy blue band. First of all, the black band will go with more outfits and secondly if you're going to colour match to the max (I'm not a fan), then rather go for something like this as an alternative.

#5 Wicker Square Crossbody Rattan Bag by CrazyPiercing

So I found this in old faithful Cosmopolitan. Not only is a woven rattan bag environmentally friendly, but it's also a highly durable product. I also love weaving in different textures into an outfit. The neutral colours of this adorable and on-trend wicker handbag will go with most outfits (and just in case you were wondering the straps are faux leather).

#6 Heaven's Tear Small Gold Sound Ball Pendant by Engelsrufer

So the Sound Ball Pendant or better know as the Harmony Ball is an age-old tradition used by pregnant women to wear throughout their pregnancy. It serves as a type of amulet to protect the baby and after birth, it is used soothe a newborn or to help them sleep (which means you too) by drawing on the familiar sound the baby heard while you were wearing it while they were in your womb.

Whatever necklace you decide to wear with this outfit, I would opt for a gold one to compliment the navy blue and neutral tones in the wicker handbag.

#7 Red Jasper Bracelet

Red Jasper has been used across the ages to help grow a strong fetus. It also eases pain, heals allergies and helps with nausea. I've chosen a chunky crystal bracelet for this outfit, but a more refined polished set of red jasper on a bracelet will work too. Whatever your personal preference.

*BONUS PRODUCT - NaPCA Moisture Mist by Nu Skin*

To live up to the expectations of glowing skin during pregnancy, you have got to have this product!

This affordable amazingness contains Hyaluronic Acid and Humectant sodium PCA, which are basically the same and both are safe (and even recommended by some) to use during pregnancy. If told otherwise, it's bullshit, because your body already makes a ton of both of them AND the molecular make-up in both are so large that it just sits on the surface off your skin and helps hold in moisture. In lamens terms, even if they were bad (which they are not), they can't penetrate deep enough.

It's great for anti-ageing and for maintaining moisture balance in your skin. And this spritz of heaven is even better for a quick spray on the face or body when you're feeling hot and bothered.

Get in touch if you are interested and I can get you a discount - friend

Mwah x

You. Looked after.

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The best song playing on Spotify, whilst writing this blog: Somebody's Watching Me, by Madelyn Darling.


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