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Welcome to this week's vintage-inspired streetwear style outfit. Need a little refresher? Watch the video below!

#1 Women's Sophie Denim Short II by RIP CURL

So everyone should have at least one pair of denim shorts in their wardrobe. They are a fantastic item for all seasons. Spring/summer, get those bare pins out and in autumn/winter, they will also work with some tights underneath and an ankle boot.

Please be aware that the high waisted shorts that leave your bum cheeks hanging out are NOT flattering, no matter how hot your booty is. However low-rise, mid-rise or high waisted denim cut-offs that cover your butt are great. Team them up with a tucked in vintage tee and you're ready to go! I have featured some by Rip Curl because they are super cute. You can also just repurpose some old jeans too.

#2 Vintage Tees

Seriously, who doesn't love a vintage tee? They look stylish tucked into a pair of shorts or jeans.

First prize is to find at an actual vintage shop so it's a bit more authentic looking. But it's not the end of the world as these are available all over the show - Cotton On, H&M, Superbalist to name a few. Also please ensure you know the band of the Tee you're wearing, lol.

#3 Airforce 1 '07 Mid in white by NIKE

You cannot go wrong in investing in a pair of Nike Air Force One sneakers and will also complete this cool, casual and edgy streetwear style of this outfit. Steer clear of pairing this outfit with a pair of heels, it will look a bit tarty with the cut-off shorts.

#4 Black studded belt

This is not a must for this outfit, but hell-to-the-yeah does it add a grungier, edge to it.

#5 Trucker cap by SUPERDRY

I love a trucker cap and I own one of these and they are a superb fit. Will also protect your beautiful skin from sun damage - hot and functional.

#6 GG Marmont Quilted Leather Backpack by GUCCI

So I spotted this absolute beauty on and I just fell in love, hard. Now, obvs, being Gucci, it's quite pricey but there are lots of mini backpacks out there so have no fear. I adore the detail on the straps and the length allows you to play around with how you wear it. You can wear the traditional way or sling both straps over one shoulder.

#7 Jewellery

No outfit is complete without a bit of accessorizing.

Starting with a necklace (top left), a gold chain necklace will match seamlessly with this outfit and is inspired great match with the chains in the Gucci backpack. I found this vintage

Yellow Gold Necklace on 1stdibs and love the textured 18kt gold chain. The details on the clasp are also so beautifully thought out with a cabochon emerald on one side and a cabochon sapphire on the other. It's also 21.5 inches so you can also wrap it around your wrist to vamp up an evening outfit. (Good idea to repurpose any long necklaces

Next up an update on the classic Swatch, this black & white Once Again watch (top right) by SWATCH is the perfect retro timepiece for this outfit. I always like a more petite watch to counteract a chunky piece of jewellery, which I'm recommending to wear on your other wrist.

Speaking of, this Vintage Jean Paul GAULTIER JPG RECORD Enamel Cuff Bracelet (bottom left) from 1stdibs is EVERYTHING. Again this exquisite piece is expensive, but it's definitely worth a feature for its iconic edgy look.

Last, but definitely not least, this is one of my favourite rings. I actually featured in my Wish List Wednesday post this week and it just so happens it works great with this outfit too!

Green Onyx Baguette Ring (bottom right) by SHINY ROCK POLISHED

Hope this outfit brings you as much fun as I did putting it together!

Mwah x

You. All Sorted.

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The best song playing on Spotify, whilst writing this blog: Smoking Jacket, by Miranda Lambert.


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