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Updated: Jun 3, 2020

So it's January and most of the universe is trying desperately hard to stick to their New Year's resolutions. But as the weeks go by and as we settle back into our old routine's, sometimes keeping the motivation going can be a chore. Well, if your resolution was gym harder, this outfit is bound to motivate you. Having said that, this outfit is very L.A.-esque and subscribes to the general American 'loud and proud' motif, so it may not be for everyone. But that is good because we love originality don't we?

If you need a refresher or haven't seen this week's outfit yet, see below.

And here are all the juicy deets you need to know about each item featured in this week's fun, stylish and sassy gym outfit.

#1 Alloy Ombre High Waisted Midi Legging by BEYOND YOGA

Okay, I'm fully aware that these are not going to be everyone's cup of zen tea BUT for those that are adventurous enough, these leggings are EVERYTHING! These Hunter Green-Antique Gold Speckled leggings are not only practical, but I quite honestly would be more motivated to go to the gym just for an excuse to wear them.

These are available in South Africa @ Alchemy in Hyde Park Shopping Centre, 4th floor. These are going for R2,650.

#2 Alloy Speckled Double Back Bra by BEYOND YOGA

And of course one needs the matching training bra, obvs! The double back design is just gorgeous with the Hunter Green-Antique Golden Speckle. Delicious.

Also allowing for the fact that only 1% of us may have a desire to get our tummies out, just throw on a loose, sleeveless top with dropped armpits - just to show off a little bit of skin ;)

Also available in South Africa @ Alchemy in Hyde Park Shopping Centre, 4th floor and are R1,790

P.S. Both the leggings and bra can also be used an outfit for a night out. For example, throw on a pair of heels and a slightly see-through white button-up collared shirt and you're good to go. Of course, do not do this if you've been sweating in them.

#3 Chase Woven Jacket PINK by PUMA

I cannot describe it better than PUMA has;

'Retro meets future in the Chase Jacket. The slightly cropped silhouette with high-rise collar gives it a functional look with an edge. Bold PUMA branding on the sleeves makes this a classic style for bold tastemakers and game-changers.'

Bold also would have to describe the wearer and if this is you, what is great about this jacket is that you can wear this with a lot of street or athleisure style outfits too. Versatility is key. The bright pink also compliments the green hue in the leggings.

I am VERY fond of this jacket, very fond.

#4 Pure Stretch Hipster 3-pack Underwear by Under Armour


So I hate to tell you, but training in thongs are not the best for your precious cookie. What is equally not so great are the not so sexy visible panty lines showing through your leggings. Have no fear, Under Armour is here with great seamless underwear that won't show through your leggings. Yay. Of course, these would also be great for those skin-tight dresses that also do not require a visible panty line to ruin the look.

These are available @ Under Armour stores for R449

#5 Josie Grip Strap Sock by POINTE STUDIO

Never in the existence of my little life did I think I'd ever get this excited over a pair of socks, but let me tell you, I'm excited AF.

Here lies a prime example of great design that looks fabulous and is actually functional. For those Pilates and Yoga fanatics, these minimalist and stylish socks give light protection and grip during mat-based exercises. ALSO, sometimes we don't have time to get a pedicure and there is nothing more mortifying than having to get your beastly feet out during Yoga or Pilates. But now, you can just slip on these lovely grip-strap socks and I guarantee you the rest of the humans in your workout class will be asking where you found such a treasure.

Speaking of, you can find these @ Alchemy in Hyde Park Shopping Centre, 4th floor. These darling socks are R250.

#6 Charged Bandit 5 Trainers in Atlas Green / Halo Gray / Daiquiri by UNDER ARMOUR

Well, could I have found a more perfect pair of trainers for this outfit? I think not. Not only are the colours lovely and feminine, but this also happens to be a great shoe for runners. Under Armour adjusted their Charged Cushioning® to be firmer in the heel and softer in the midfoot so you can push off hard and land softly with every stride.

These are available online for R1,599 @ Superbalist

#7 Neoprene Logo Tote by COUNTRY ROAD

Now the trick is to get a gym bag that is in neutral colours (black, white or grey), especially with an outfit like this. You really don't want to overdo it with a 'loud' bag. Also, you need to invest in a bag that can go with all your gym outfits, so keep it simple.

I thoroughly enjoy a tote bag, they are big enough to fit all your essentials in without looking or being too overbearing. This tote can also be used as an overnight bag, so is a better investment as it's versatile (and you know how me likes me a bit of versatility).

I love the simple design and the grey marle texture of this tote. Very European and will soften the whole look slightly without losing the outfit's sassy and fun essence.

Available online and in Country Road stores for R799

#8 Skinny Headbands 6-Pack by UNDER ARMOUR

And last, but certainly not least, these scrumptious headbands. If you are sporting a fringe or have short hair, you do not require it to be sitting in your face whilst you are sweating it up. Not only is this not a good look, but it is also very bad for your skin and may cause pimples. I spotted these little gems last weekend and I think they're feminine, stylish, fun and effective. They are available in a variety of colours, depending on store stock.

These are available @ Under Armour stores ON SALE for R100 (were R199)

I wish all you fantastic humans the best of luck in your gym endeavours. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment.

Mwah x

You. All Sorted.

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