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Updated: Jun 3, 2020

I cannot believe that it's a New Year and a new decade already. I have to admit that for the first time in a while, I am excited about this fact.

To start off 2020, my first blog post of the year will be my 2nd outfit inspiration from my new series, 'Fashion Fri-yay' as a new year brings about a desire for positive change and introspection.

Style, for me, is an outward artistic expression of who we are. Personally, happiness is paramount and part of being happy is being confident. None of us is perfect, thank god, how boring! And style is a way to try and help people understand who we are as individuals and to help us, as individuals, to feel confident.

I love this week's outfit. Whether you're a busy career woman or a mum (or both), I hope this outfit helps you to create a style for you that you can wear during the day and then pimp it up if you have to go out in the evening. So let me talk you through this week's outfit. If you haven't watched my video or need a refresher, have a little watch below.

#1 Pocket-Detail Shirt Dress by Country Road

This type of dress is just perfect for dressing up or down. It works best on Banana (straight), Pear and Hourglass shapes. If you have an Apple figure, steer clear of a belt or anything that draws attention to the waistline - so rather choose a looser fitting lengthy dress. Or a shirt dress that is short in the front and long in the back to add a bit of a dimension to your outfit.

This dress is not full length and also has slits on the side, so if you have a good set of legs, this type of dress is a great way to subtly show them off with a bit of flair and elegance.

I've chosen a purple dress because it's such a great colour that looks great on all skin tones and through all seasons. Saying that, the colour is not what makes this outfit, so have a play around.

#2 All Star Chucks High Sneaker Grey Shoes by Converse

I absolutely adore a sneaker. God's cruel joke is that I'm 5 foot tall and struggle to wear heels so I always look out for a comfy sneaker. The star on the high-top also connects with the purple tone in the dress (God is in the detail humans!). It's also important to purchase items that have breadth in terms of what you can wear them with and a pair of grey high-tops are a great basic to have in your wardrobe.

#3 Danielle Tote Bag by Campo Marzio

For daytime, nothing beats a Tote Bag. Being a mum or just a woman, means you need to keep multiple 'life-saving' items in your bag. Tote Bags let you do just that, but stylishly. Campo Marzio always has the most incredible colour range and their bags are durable and just gorgeous.

I have showcased their grey with the mustard yellow interior version as this would go amazingly with the colour scheme of this outfit and both colours are versatile and can be used with a simple jean and white T-shirt combo.

Campo Marzio has a store in Hyde Park Shopping Centre, Johannesburg.

#4 Safety Pin Pendant Necklace as worn by Val Garland, British Make-Up Artist & Judge on TV Series 'Glow Up'

I am not going to lie, I searched and searched for this pendant after watching 'Glow Up' and this was the only image and info I could find. The great news is that you could make this yourself or there are smaller alternatives. This is so original and flattering. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Either way, a long pendant would look great with this outfit.

#5 Vacheron Constantin Flared Case Watch

Rectangular face watches are normally associated with men, but let me tell you they look great on a woman. They will make your wrists look thinner and are so flattering.

So now that you've got your day casual chic look down, how do you transform this look into evening wear?

#6 Embellished leather sandals by Tom Ford

As mentioned before, I can't wear a heel but if I could...these puppies! Saw these on my favourite, Net-a-Porter, and these are sexy AF. The detail on the ankle strap is just gorgeous. Any high heel would work to pimp up this look for the evening.

#7 Silk-blend satin blazer by Saint Laurent

So I'm sure you have numerous types of black blazers in your wardrobe. Why not invest in a white one? Another spot on Net-a-Porter and I am just in love! The simple detail on the pocket just makes this jacket so exquisite. Also an investment piece, a white fitted blazer can ramp up any office/day/evening look. Working seamlessly with the purple, this is perfect for this outfit for the night. An alternative is just a white boyfriend blazer (casual chic).

#8 BV Rim quilted leather clutch by Bottega Veneta

Do yourself one favour, invest in just one clutch bag (it doesn't need to be expensive). A clutch transforms any outfit into an elegance extravaganza. This one by Bottega Veneta is just beyond gorgeous.

Happy shopping lovelies!

Mwah x

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