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Hi, my gorgeous fashionistas!

Welcome to outfit 01 of my new style blog. So the aim of this blog is to inspire you to think outside of the box and thus, ironically, help you look inside to find your unique style.

My style influence has always been inspired by predominantly Europe and Japan. The reason being, I love simplicity & comfort with design flare. I love mixing styles and textures to make outfits unique.

So let me talk you through this outfit. You won't be able to get all these pieces in SA but remember, these weekly outfits are to hopefully encourage some creativity in your wardrobe.

#1 Faux Leather Dress by Zara for R459

Numero uno - the dress! Now I'm more about mixing textures, less about colours - European and Japanese style influence. Also the pockets (I could platz), just make this dress design even comfier chic and edgy AF.

#2 Karl Lagerfeld Velocita sneakers in black from Palazzo Pitti for R4 997.90

Sexy for me is being comfortable and alas being 5ft tall I cannot walk in heels, so I love a f*cking cool sneaker. These Karl Lagerfelds would be those cool sneakers. Saying that you can still get the outfit vibe with some hot heels - as long as you're comfortable, that's all that matters.

#3 Gold Unisex Jacket from Nike

I love a baggy jacket to give an outfit true sass (just check out Rihanna or even Kendall Jenner's outfits as proof). Can't seem to find this baby here in SA, but can get it delivered or find alternatives.

#4 Bon Bon velvet bucket bag by Jimmy Choo

Spotted this sexy chic bag on net-a-porter and I could dry hump this gorgeous beauty. As I mentioned previously, I love mixing styles and textures and hell to the yeah this sexy beast would just add to the sass of this outfit.

#5 Bow-embellished taffeta headband by Ruslan Baginskiy

This outfit works with or without this BUT, love the feminine cute vibe it brings to this bold outfit. Also available on net-a-porter.

Check out my Pinterest board to find out about my inspiration for this look.

The best song playing on Spotify, whilst writing this blog: Slide Away, by Miley Cyrus.


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