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Exposed (A poem by Tash)

A tear running down her cheek for empathy for all those who have loved and lost, and a butterfly in her stomach for those who have loved again. A god in her heart, Eyes full of a world she desires to fully understand, A scratch on her back for her passion, Feet floating on a cloud, Chopin whispering in her ear, A maze of thoughts running along her scalp, A toe dipping in an ice cold ocean, A smile for those she loves, A prayer for those she has lost, A tattoo of musical notes on her chest, A drop of sweat on her forehead for her fear, but a tension in her temples to face it, A rough tongue full of observations, but arms full of acceptance, Shoulders of respect, A bloody slit on her wrist for her pain, A reel of explicit scenes for her indulgence, A temptation on her lips, An upright soldier of a middle index finger to those who judge her, Smooth flesh for her vulnerability, A mouth for others protection, Legs for living life to the fullest and an ass to entice others to join in on life's dancefloor, Breasts for her sympathy, An arched eyebrow for her attitude, A clenched fist for her strength, A turned head for her indifference, Her index finger gently caressing her thigh for her pleasure, A map on her palms for her exploration, A mind of opportunity and a body in which to achieve her ambition, A blackness in her aura, but a light in her soul to conquer it.

Don't be afraid to be who you are. If you are afraid of other's judgement, know this...people judge others based on a comparison of their own self reflection and hence a judgement of another based on oneself is not a valid judgement of someone fuck them. Love yourself and others that matter will too.

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