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#7 Wish List Wednesday | What to buy this week?

Oh you glorious humans, hello and welcome to a new year AND a new decade! WTAF???!!!

Yes, time is hurrying along, but such is life and I hope all of you are attempting to inject some positive energy into the next couple of years to come? Which brings me to my first Tash's #WLW post of #twentytwenty and the next decade. This week's must-buys are centred around 'new beginnings' and positive changes that you can make in your life.


As someone who has suffered from bouts of depression every now and again, I can't recommend having a Gratitude Journal enough. Whether you are generally happy AF or depressed AF or somewhere in-between, this is literally for everyone and let me tell you why.

What is a Gratitude Journal? >>

It is a notebook, of sorts, that you write in every day about one or more things that you are grateful for.

If you are someone who suffers from depression or anxiety, one of the most cost-effective methods of self-help (based on my personal experience) is a Gratitude Journal. By writing in it every day, you are forcing yourself to find a silver lining in what seems like a never-ending pit of quicksand and thus aligning a more positive outlook to your current negative outlook on life. Life can be a sh*t show most of the time, but also remember, life is also about perspective. Once you change your perspective, it can help you survive and tackle the vom that gets thrown at you. Not only has having a Gratitude Journal helped me get up most mornings, but it has also helped me get up and continue going on during the darkest days. Those days when your positive lenses are so closed and you're so gatvol, you can't see a light. I can't tell you how helpful it has been to open my journal and read all the things I've been grateful for. This has inadvertently helped me see the positive side and regain an iota of strength to keep going.

If you have not yet suffered from a great depression or anxiety (lucky you) and are living a happy existence. Document the f*ck out of it. It's a sad truth, but you will experience some form of sadness, depression or anxiety at some point in your life, no matter how strong you think you are. And let me tell you, you will LOVE yourself for documenting those happy times so that you can revisit that emotion of bliss when you need it most.

Where to buy >>

Alchemy in Hyde Park Shopping Centre (ON SALE).

Alternatively, just buy a notebook that gives you joy and write in it. The Gratitude gods will not judge, I promise. BUT I love how this journal is just so gorgeous and dynamic in its creation, hence why it's on my #WLW.

02 LIFESUM APP Food Diary, Macro Tracker & Diet Recipes

If you're looking to lose or maintain weight, find some new healthier recipes or just track daily calories - this is the app for you. I used to love MyFitnessPal until it became difficult to use. I stumbled across this in a YouTube video by the awesome - Liezl Jane Strydom - and I haven't looked back. The basic features will suffice, but for a nominal monthly fee, the premium features are great. This app's user interface is so cute and its navigation is easy AF.

Where to download >>

03 Black & white candle from Energy Emporium

So I am hoping that all who read this are looking for a happy and positive start to a new year and a new decade. If so, Wunderbar, stay tuned. If not, go forth and find some other outlet for your darkness.

So, with its ancient pagan/Wikka heritage, this is a really easy way to clear your space in an easy, non-smelly (Sage) manner.

How does it work? >>

The top bit is black and it's important when you first light it to provide an intention to get rid of negative forces, thoughts and energy. Light it for at least 30 mins every night to remove ALL negative energy from you and your space in that room.

When the black part of the candle has burned through, this is generally a good sign that the old negative energy has gone. The white part of the candle then burns to release positivity and protection.

If a new 'drama' occurs in your life after you have lit the candle for the first time, you will need to start the ritual again after the previous candle has completely burned out.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment or email me. Alternatively, chat to Verushka at Energy Emporium in The Colony. This is not black magic, it is the human heart and intention that clears the space.

Where to buy >>

At Energy Emporium in The Colony.

Happy shopping lovelies!

Mwah x

You. All Sorted.

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