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#10 Wish List Wednesday | What to buy this week?

01 Lip Maximizer by Dior

Humans, if you do not own one of these, drop what you're doing and go & get one right now! Part of Dior's backstage range, this hyaluronic lip plumper, available in 8 different shades, is the bomb. This plump-a-licious lippie contains volumizing spheres of hyaluronic acid for powerful hydration and a volume-maximizing effect. Promising 24-hour hydration, 29% more instant volume and 86% smoother lips after 4 weeks.

Dior is my favourite go-to brand for lipstick. I've used every lipstick range of Dior and every single one keeps my lips super hydrated and doubles up as lip moisturizer. It is so worth the investment.

Where to buy >>

Red Square or any other stockist of the Dior makeup brand. Also if you ever want the best advice in terms of Dior products, go and chat to Eva at the Dior counter in Rosebank Mall, Jhb (tell her Tash sent you).

Price >>

Differs per retailer but goes for about +/- R580.

02 Rose Quartz Crystal

Rose Quartz is the crystal of unconditional love and infinite peace. It purifies and opens the heart and balances the heart chakra bringing deep inner healing and self-love. It also helps attract love into your life, so perfect if you're feeling a bit lonely this Valentine's Day. It also:

  • Draws off negative energy

  • Strengthens empathy

  • Aids in acceptance of necessary change

  • Great for a mid-life crisis (I know I've had a couple of these already!)

  • Enhances positive affirmations

In terms of emotions, Rose Quartz is the best healer. It's calming and reassuring. So go treat yourself to one of these crystals this Valentine's Day and place it by your bed.

Remember to always rinse your crystals under cold water from the tap and then hold it after and say an intention for the stone. You can use a generic intention, such as "May this crystal only be used for love and light."

Where to buy >>

Energy Emporium in The Colony Centre

Price >>

Differs depending on size, cut and finish.

03 Rescue Orphan Dog-branded Wine & Bubbles by Paws R Us, Animal Rescue Shelter

So this is not the first time this incredible animal rescue shelter, Paws R Us, has featured in my blog and it won't be the last. Jenny Grimmer, who is a Project Leader for the Kennel Volunteer Programme and Fundraising Support at the shelter, is a very special friend of mine and is one of the kindest, most selfless and all-around amazing people I've ever met. In 2018, Linda Grimmer (Jen's sister and Director at Paws R Us), lost her long battle to cancer and in honour of her memory, Jen is re-launching Linda's 2017 Paws R Us, wine fundraiser, this Valentine's month.

The idea was to re-label different wines each featuring a dog that was looking for a home. Linda sold over 1500 bottles of wine in 2017! Now in 2020, the range has expanded and now you can help a dog out by buying wine, bubbles and even sherry. Each bottle has a carefully selected pooch that been very close to everyone's hearts.

For wine and bubbles you have a choice of the following:

  • The Monty Merlot

  • The Ross Rose

  • The Pablo Pinotage

  • The Camo Chardonnay

  • The Sheena Shira

  • The Brangelina Brut

  • The Sarge Spumante

  • The Clio & Caesar Cabernet Sauvignon

And if you fancy a bit of Sherry:

  • Fur-ball Full Cream

  • Meow Medium Cream

  • Purrfect Pale Dry

There are stories behind each featured pooch. Ross and Sheena are still looking for their happy home. The others have either sadly passed away or have happily found homes. If you are looking to get a dog, please always choose a rescue! For more info on how to adopt from Paws R Us, click here.

Where to buy >>

Email to place your orders or for any more info.

Prices >>

Each wine bottle is R130

Each bottle of bubbly is R150

Each bottle of sherry is R222

All profits go to Paws R Us in order to keep the over 220 dogs currently waiting for a home, fed, comfortable and happy.

Please, if you would like to know of other ways you can help, click here.

In loving memory Linda Grimmer. So grateful and happy to have a friend like you in my lfe Jen.

So for the love of luscious lips, for the love of love and for the love of dogs - get shopping!

Mwah x

You. Looked after.

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